Dispute over Taylor Swift’s exclusive deal with Singapore

Megastar Taylor Swift is currently causing a sensation in Singapore with her spectacular “The Eras Tour”. But the Southeast Asian neighbours are left behind because of a mega deal.

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Pop business

US megastar Taylor Swift will be in the economic metropolis of Singapore for a series of sold-out concerts until Saturday. It will be the only country in all of Southeast Asia where the 34-year-old will stop off on her gigantic “The Eras Tour”. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s government has made sure of this. Because it has signed a lucrative exclusive contract with Swift, all neighboring countries are at a disadvantage. 

“The global live concert industry is booming,” commented the Singaporean newspaper “Straits Times” on the controversial deal on Wednesday. “It’s no wonder that wooing the biggest stars is a competitive business.” The government has not made public how much money is involved. 

CNN quoted a Filipino MP as saying such a move was “not something good neighbours do.” However, Prime Minister Lee rejected criticism that the agreement undermined the spirit of cooperation within the Southeast Asian community of states, Asean. 

Taylor Swift is an economic factor

“An agreement was reached and it turned out to be a very successful agreement,” he told reporters during a visit to Australia. I don’t see that as unfriendly. Sometimes one country makes a deal, sometimes another country does not.” According to him, the money came from a fund to rebuild tourism after the Corona pandemic. 

“It’s not often that an artist can have an impact on an entire economy, but that’s the case with American superstar Taylor Swift,” wrote the Straits Times last week. Around 300,000 fans were reportedly expected to attend the six shows at the city-state’s National Stadium. 70 percent are travelling from other countries in the region. 

These foreign guests would bring millions of euros into Singapore’s coffers through their stay, it was said, citing economic researchers. But what the star does off stage in Singapore is even more important, because that will leave a lasting impression on her more than 500 million followers on social networks.

The US artist has been touring since March 2023. In the summer, she will also be coming to Germany for some sold-out dates. With her “Eras” tour, Swift attracts millions of fans worldwide and breaks records. 

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